17 Easy Sewing Hacks Needed for Life – YouTube


17 Easy Sewing Hacks Needed for Life – YouTube

Tears in the crotch are normal in jeans. If you’re not a cowboy, tearing can be a long time. But it is very easy to repair. Of course, your relatives, a friend or yourself more than once to experience the experience of rupture in the groin pants. Don’t think too much, it usually happens, it doesn’t matter if people are thin or plump. So you have to do it in the old days, not the machine. The most truth is that repairing by hand is very fun and very relaxing. When you do this manually, you will feel very good.

Let’s not talk more, let’s start having fun. Yes, we continue today’s lesson: How to repair a torn jeans with a crotch area? You can also use this app to repair any dress.

17 Easy Sewing Hacks Needed for Life – YouTube

How to fix a broken in a pair of jeans


A piece of denim
Tape for gluing hems
* Toothed scissors
* Cowboy machine needles

* Optional but helpful.

Which thread to use for the fix

Although the jeans are dark, it can happen, that the worn part is much clearer. When choosing the thread it is more advisable that you do it by testing the thread in that area. Also use a 100% polyester thread, it is more resistant.

Recommendation of needles for machine

For this arrangement you are going to sew two layers of denim, it is advisable to use a strong needle of 100 .. I usually be quite punctilious with changing the needle of the machine depending on the type of fabric and the thickness. My recommendation is to use the needle to sew jeans, which also you will have to climb low jeans and other arrangements.

Step by step how to fix a broken jeans

The first thing to do is to clean the thread area. With a scissors cut the entire broken part.

Put the patch on a broken jeans.

Search, as far as possible, a piece of fabric as appropriate to the color and thickness of jeans. I keep cuts of different sizes of old jeans, which I recycle. The piece of cloth has to cover the part of the broken and also the part of the worn area, so that it does not break again.

Cover the part of the broken (eye, cut the part of the hole with the scissors, which is not in the photo) and part of the work area with hem tape that we saw in another entry.


The hem tape is a double-sided adhesive tape that sticks with the iron.

Iron to fix the fabric patch to the pants. This will prevent it from moving when sewing with the machine.

Now we have the area ready to start sewing by machine.

First, pass a zigzag stitch through the hole, attaching the patch to the pants. That will keep the threads from lifting when you start passing the darning stitches.

And now we’re going to start darning the pants by passing parallel zig zag stitches. You have two ways of doing it, which will depend on your machine and what you find most comfortable,

1st Option: make the zig zag stitch with the stitch of the machine, forward and then backwards.
2nd Option: always go with the zig zag stitch, forward and turn the cowboy to reach the end.

This is the result. We already have a cowboy with the broken crotch fixed and reinforced so that it does not break again.

Result on the inside You can cut with a zig zag scissors the area left over from the fabric.

How to darn a pair of jeans by hand

How to mend by hand

Make small parallel stitches in vertical covering with the thread a piece larger than the broken part. Then do stitching on horizontals interlaced with vertical stitching and create a new weave in the fabric.

In this way, and in a very patient way, the clothes were trimmed and repaired. Now it’s done almost more because of the attachment that you can have to the garment than for saving.

Have you at any point fixed a few pants with this strategy? Do you set out to attempt ?.

Much thanks everybody for following my blog.

Try not to falter to leave any inquiries you have in the remarks just as proposition for new instructional exercises and surveys.


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