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Vanessa Hogge Ceramic flowerheads

Vanessa Hogge Ceramic flowerheads and vases handmade in London Recipient of the Cockpit Arts/Radcliffe Craft Development Award 2017


Vanessa Hogge

Vanessa Hogge shot by Alun Callender as a feature of his Cockpit Arts Pop-up Studio venture


Without a moment’s delay natural and luxurious, unconstrained and stylised, Vanessa Hogge’s beautifying loners and vessels bring a one of a kind textural and visual measurement to any divider or table.

Working dominatingly in porcelain, Vanessa makes her irregular flowerheads and vessels in her studio in Cockpit Arts Holborn. Grounded by long periods of aptitude as a ceramicist, she takes a natural, instinctive way to deal with each piece, carefully chiseling each petal and anther by hand so no two blossoms are indistinguishable.

The efflorescent blooms are made in porcelain and dark dirt, and are terminated to high temperatures to make fragile, solidified shades of white and magma like dark.

Motivated by her energy for everything herbal, and impacts as various as Frida Kahlo, Indian smaller than normal sketches and Marianne North, Vanessa revives her dirt as dahlias, chrysanthemums, daisies, hydrangeas and daphne.

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